Fireblade Software
Based in Guildford, UK

Founding date:
January 5, 2016


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Abandon Ship



Fireblade Software is a remote-working Indie Micro-Studio comprised of Industry Veterans. The team has decades of experience with dozens of released titles between them. We're big fans of strategy and action games and create the sort of games that we'd like to play.


The story so far...

Fireblade Software was founded in 2016 and released its first title "Abandon Ship" into Early Access in February 2018. The night of its launch, it reached 4th in the Global Top Sellers chart on Steam. Version 1.0 launched in October 2019 and received several post-release updates before the team moved onto a new project.

Next steps

This new title is SENTRY, an action tower defence game with strategy elements set aboard a spaceship fleeing Earth. Under constant attack by aliens, you must repel the invaders by using traps and turrets, or taking the fight directly to the enemy through fast-paced first person gunplay. After participating in the October 2023 Steam Next Fest, in Valve's official roundup SENTRY was ranked 24th most popular game by unique players (out of over 2000 demos). SENTRY releases into Steam Early Access on 25th March 2024.



SENTRY Announcement Trailer YouTube

Abandon Ship Announcement Trailer YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Develop Star Awards 2020 Best Micro Studio Nomination" -

Selected Articles

  • "Abandon Ship, in other words, is a game that plays with FTL's winning formula in some very clever ways. It eases off on certain elements, allowing you to look around and get a sense of exploration, while ramping up the intensity of other elements. It's a game that makes you stop and really think about certain parts of your journey, while relying on gut instinct to see you through others. For something that's just launched in Early Access it's remarkably well realised, and I look forward to seeing how shipshape it is once the voyage to completion is finally done."
    - Johnny Chiodini, Eurogamer
  • "I quickly became a fan of the oil painting design direction of Abandon Ship and felt that it made the game stand out when compared to titles in the same genre, but the combat is where I feel Fireblade has found a nice balance of deep tactics through simple execution."
    - Azario Lopez, Dualshockers
  • "In the end though, what we see is a title that already shows more chops than a lot of titles that are full releases. That balancing is really well done, the combat moment-to-moment is really fun."
    - Karak, Angry Centaur Gaming

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Gary Burchell
Biz Dev, Team Lead, Co-Founder, Director

Adam Thacker
Technical Lead, Co-Founder, Director

Alex Shapland
Art Lead

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